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Coffee, Jazz And Poetry

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Coffee, Jazz And Poetry
Format: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2" Trade Paperback, 128pp.
ISBN: 0934953511
Publisher: Water Row Press
Pub. Date: January 1997

Prestige printing, 2 colour duotones throughout
Previously unpublished poetry, photos, artwork
Illustrations by Tom Bagley, Molly Kiely, Michael Kaluta, Scott Saavedra, etc.
Photos by Wayne Hoecherl, Tom Robe, etc.

NOTE: This book is no longer available in stores. All remaining copies are now only available from this web site. It is no longer distributed in Canada by Raincoast or Marginal. In the USA, it is no longer available from Water Row Press. There are about 200 copies left and can be purchased via PayPal.

If you are a bookstore wishing to special order a copy, please contact us directly at: The usual trade pricing applies and quantity discounts are available. Sorry, no terms. Books must be paid for in advance.

This book will not be reprinted.

In all his work, Ralph displays an endearing line in self-depreciating wit...
It's A Question Of Taste, Winter, UK, 1997

The book is desirable simply for its hip cartoons but his poems are warm, simple, uncluttered by evasiveness or wilful obscurity, he wants to be understood as he talks of old girlfriends, old coffee bars, nights listening to jazz or (heaven forbid) 60s pop music and often 60s European - rather than English or USA pop music, he loves those oh so cool 60s French and Italian pop females and the scooters they rode around on also (or at least posed on for cool EP sleeves). Terrific book of bongos, wistfulness, wry observations and neat artwork. I like Ralph, he may not be Nietsche but he's on the dot.
Dawn Swoop, Beat Scene, #37, UK, 2001

In a simple language, Ralph the fanzine delves into melancholy and existential longing, but it also celebrates those simple things that stay the night — friendship, late night conversation, romance and pop-culture gems from Ray Davies to poetry, jazz records and the bossa nova, Latin-jazz singer Astrud Gilberto.

Aided by a 30-minute feature on Peter Gzowski's morning show on CBC, Ralph, the person and the fanzine, both struck a sympathetic chord.

Demand for the 'zine grew and grew to the point where Ralph now mails it out to 10,000 or so people a month.

It grew to the point where an American publisher, run by Beat confidant Jeff Weinberg, decided to publish the first 25 issues of Ralph.

Ralph is a crazy, creative combo of punk, pop and poetry culture for like-minded spirits looking for a little solace and inspiration.

His poetry and observations may be simple but they're from the soul.

And that's what separates Ralph, in all his incarnations, from the poets and performance artists who are more in love with the sound of their own voices.
James Muretich, Calgary Herald, Dec. 15, 1997

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