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Underground Vlorbik: Indy Online Man, you want zine links? Here are some zine links!
Neptoon Records Neptoon Records is a cool collectors store in Vancouver that specializes in old rock posters and neat stuff.

Rob Firth and his son Ben have put together their first web site. Check it out. Some pieces from my collection have been sold via Neptoon over the years. Neptoon deals in old vinyl and all sorts of other rock collectables!
ESM Artificial This is the home page of my pal Kenn Sakurai, a pop artist in sound and image. He's helped me print my zine when I was still active on the Gestetner machine and he's also designed some silkscreen posters for some of my shows. All that and more on a very cool site...smartly designed and executed.
MusicMedia Network Musicmedia Network has a Do-It-Yourself Tips section written by professionals in the Canadian Music Industry. It is a free resource available to everyone.
Rotodesign This is the ROTODESIGN site of Pat Broderick. Fantastic cool 50s/60s fonts plus gifs of old paperback covers and more coolness. You want to visit this place if you're a designer.
The ArtSource Site This is a cool place to check out Canadian photographers and painters and stuff.
The Mods List Your entry into all things Mod. Fashion. Music. Vespas. An exciting journey awaits.
Dean Martin Fan Center This is the Dean Martin page, with links to all things Dean.

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