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Chapters Chapters-Indigo link for Treat Me Like Dirt by Liz Worth. This link is for the mass market 4th printing coming Oct 1, 2011 via ECW Press/Bongo Beat Books.
Radio Forest - Liz Worth Really great blog by Liz Worth.
Amazon links to bands featured in Treat Me Like Dirt
PUNK 77 Beverley Tavern - Toronto landmark is no more! Ex-Dishes drummer Steven Davey writes about the end of the legendary Beverley Tavern. Ralph adds some comments. VERY SAD NOTE: all the cool punk photos by Tom Robe on the first floor were THROWN OUT INTO THE GARBAGE!!! Very very very sad.
Rough Trade Shops UK - Treat Me Like Dirt UK and EURO readers - buy the book at Rough Trade Shops UK. This seems to be the best price at the moment.
Bongo Beat Amazon
Ralph Interview. View Magazine Hamilton From June 2005 - interview with Ralph about 10 years of Bongo Beat.
Bongo Beat Facebook Page Yes. We have a Facebook page. Lots of videos, links, press photos and more. Please visit!
Lauren Agnelli ex Washington Squares hipster now a hip chanteuse on Bongo Beat! Check here for news on her monthly concerts!

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