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Bongo Beat MySpace This is our Bongo Beat Records page on MySpace and we are building it slowly but surely. Check out videos & download mp3s.
THE DIODES - All The YouTube videos are here This search link takes you to all The Diodes videos currently up on YouTube.
RALPH RECOMMENDS ZINE REVIEW ARCHIVES Ralph used to write a monthly zine/comix review column called Ralph Recommends. Here is the archive, courtesy of The Wayback Machine internet archive site.
RALPH INTERVIEW Above Ground Testing Great online poetry zine with a very in-depth RALPH interview. Very candid and covers a fair bit of ground. Really good insight into Ralph's history, 1977 punk and more.
Christina Connor does a live version of a Ralph poem! WHO IS CHRISTINA CONNER? WHY DID SHE READ A SENSUAL VERSION OF ONE OF MY CHRISTMAS POEMS? I have no idea. I found this live review surfing the web. If anyone knows, let me know!
LitKicks BongoBeat Wintertime Poetry Happening Dec 2002... very cool hapening at the Bowery Poetry Club, NYC, when Ralph, Dave Rave, Lauren Agnelli, and Paul Hyde (representing Bongo Beat) teamed up with Levi Asher and the LitKicks crew plus the David Amram Trio for a FANTASTIC poetry and music event. I got to jam with David Amram, hang with Bob Holman and chat with Max Blagg all in one night!!! Check out all the photos and write ups. A fantastic evening!
Billy Fury Web Site This is the first and, thus far, only site dedicated to the great UK pop star Billy Fury. I was very flattered that my poem about Billy has been included (it is in the Tributes section).
Neptoon Records Neptoon Records is a cool collectors store in Vancouver that specializes in old rock posters and neat stuff.

Rob Firth and his son Ben have put together their first web site. Check it out. Some pieces from my collection have been sold via Neptoon over the years. Neptoon deals in old vinyl and all sorts of other rock collectables!

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