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RALPH INTERVIEW Thrust Magazine Thrust Magazine online interview with Ralph that gets into his punk days with The Diodes, The Viletones, being a rock writer and all kinds of stuff. Good one.
The Francoise Hardy Site Francoise Hardy is a cool French singer that everyone should discover. Here is a complete discography plus tons of her old 60's covers in glorious colour.
NEW Kerouac Film - One Fast Move Or I'm Gone Check out the trailer and photos for a great new Kerouac documentary about his novel, Big Sur, featuring Patti Smith, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, etc.
Moon Town Cafe Great poetry resource - check out their links page.
THE DIODES - All The YouTube videos are here This search link takes you to all The Diodes videos currently up on YouTube.
RALPH RECOMMENDS ZINE REVIEW ARCHIVES Ralph used to write a monthly zine/comix review column called Ralph Recommends. Here is the archive, courtesy of The Wayback Machine internet archive site.
PUNK 77 - Toronto Punk 1977 Exhibit: Punk Til You Puke TORONTO: Art Metropole punk artifacts exhibit. They have reproduction copies of the Crash n Burn newsletter available for purchase (the official newsletter of the Crash n Burn Club that The Diodes and Ralph ran in 1977).
RALPH INTERVIEW - Montreal Mirror This 2001 Montreal Mirror interview that got Richard Foreman all worked up. Anyway, at this particular gig at Chapters Montreal, I had the rare pleasure of having the legendary Frank Marino in the audience!!! Way cool. Frank offered to join the tour on guitar but I didn't think he was serious.... turns out, he was!!! Next time, I guess. D-oh... what was I thinking, eh Richard Foreman? My brain hurts thinking about Montreal sometimes.
RALPH INTERVIEW Poetry Life And Times Nice interview with Ralph plus career overview & Ralph talks about his cats (Jack and Iver), his marriage, recordings, his poetry and more. A nice overview.
RALPH INTERVIEW Above Ground Testing Great online poetry zine with a very in-depth RALPH interview. Very candid and covers a fair bit of ground. Really good insight into Ralph's history, 1977 punk and more.

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