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The Jam Music Encyclopedia RALPH entry. The Jam Music Encyclopedia is an online resource for all things musical and Canadian. Huge online resource for Canadian musicians, and it features Ralph!
Chank Free Fonts! Fantastic font site with great free fonts section
The Beat Café Very cool beat site with lots of info on the original beats plus LOTS of links!!
RALPH CDS Available in RUSSIA! All four RALPH CDs are now available in Russia on the Yanga digital music site. We are bringing the beatnik to the sputnik!
TOO NORTH RECORDS This is the Online Store for new and used and extremely rare punk and new wave records. LOTS of Diodes rare vinyl can be bought here!!
SA GRIFFIN - LOS ANGELES & BEYOND, Poetry / Spoken Word SA GRIFFIN is a poet/agitator based in Los Angeles with an awesome site that is a portal into the LA Scene & beyond. Poetry, Pop Culture, Music.... it's all here!
Bullseye Records Bullseye Records is dedicated to both re-issuing great Canadian music from the past, new recordings by classic artists and just plain cool new recordings. I do a lot of freelance design work for them (The Fast, Dave Rave Group) and also they will be re-issuing a Diodes CD in 2005.
The Barefoot Contessa, Vancouver. If you live in Vancouver - this is the only place where you can physically buy a copy of my first book, Coffee Jazz and Poetry. The love poems of that first book feel right at home in Vancouver's only truly girly-girl store. Fantastic fashion by local designers and cool stuff and soaps from all over the world.... 3715 Main Street. Your next stop is Red Cat Records up the street (see link below).
ralph's secret comic book past revealed! Here's the details on Marvel Comics GIANT SIZE CHILLERS, No. 1, 1975, which featured a comic book story I wrote. You used to be able to find this for a buck, but now it's almost worth ten dollars!!
BRIGHTON ROCK - rare 1985 Ralph heavy metal poem! Yes, it's true. Ralph has a heavy metal poem on the back of the ultra-rare Brighton Rock vinyl ep. Here it is! Good luck finding an actual copy of this disc. It came out in 1985. Ralph was of the group's managers at the time. It's a long story.....

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