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THE MICHEL PAGLIARO SITE Cool Michel Pagliaro site features all sorts of stuff including my homage to Pagliaro from my THIS IS FOR THE NIGHT PEOPLE book. The penultimate Quebecois rock star.
The Indie Band Bible This is the website for the book, THE INDIE BAND BIBLE, a great indie musician resource that I worked on as Managing Editor. It's written by Mark Makoway, the guitarist for Moist, and is a guide for the Canadian indie musician with lots of information. The site mostly gives you Canadian music industry links and info on the book.
CHEESY GRAPHICS King VelVeeda is the Big Cheese at this crazy site. Low brow entertainment. Lots of great graphics links!
Boppin.com Brian Nation is a Vancouver poet/photographer/artist. Some good links from his site to other beat sites.
Vancouver Jazz A cool site dedicated to the Vancouver jazz scene. LOTS of info.
Drop-D CD Review One of many bad reviews for my OLYMPIA 66 cd by Canadian publications. The great reviews from UK and USA sources are not currently available on the web.
The Canadian Indie Band Site A listing of links and resources for Canadian independent artists.
Molly Kiely The most popular Ralph zine cover artist - finally has her own site!!
Kevin Quain Home base for Kevin Quain, one of Canada's best kept secrets. Cabaret madman at the fountain of Tom Waits.
Booth 99 The Ralph zine photographed in the Mojave Desert. I have no idea why!! Cool, however.

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