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NEW BOOK! GRIMMAGE (Carylann Loeppky and Ralph Alfonso)

May. 29th, 2012

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For those of you who like my writing, I realize more than anyone else (thank you Catholic and Capricorn guilt) the frustration at following the sporadic trail of new works since my last book in 2001 and the quiet suspension of my Ralph zine. Sometimes life inadvertently shuts the tap to the creative well, sometimes you have to flush out the system, sometimes (more often than not, thank you Mr Wiffen), you have to be patient and wait for the light to poke through the barricade (yeah, I used to laugh when I read interviews with writers who alluded to a door or an opening and a song or poem or whatever coming through and being prepared to receive it, otherwise you'd lose it - but, you know, by and large, that is how it works - I can sit down and force myself to write but it's not the same as when all doors are open and things just write themselves - I am talking about fiction here; non-fiction is not a problem, that is a more specific skill set).

 Anyway, thanks to the patience and constant support of my wife Alison who originated the idea (with Carylann) that finally got the logjam busted, I am very happy to announce a fantastic new book which is a collaboration between Carylann Loeppky and myself. We chose 14 of Carylann's large paintings which are currently on display at our BBAM! Gallery and I sat there and stared at each one and had them tell me their story. I posted a preview on the BBAM! page and got positive reaction.


 It is probably some of my best work and I am very happy with the results. Carylann's paintings evoke a specific approach and I was amazed at how fluid it was to sync into that.

As I said, if you liked my writing in the past, you will be very very pleased to see this. The book is a compact 32 pages full colour (the size of a 7-inch single!), the initial printing is limited to 40 copies to celebrate the end of her exhibit at our gallery (altho most of the pieces will stay on the walls a little bit longer) and I'll have details soon on how to order it (yes, there will be a general edition at some point).

 If you are in Montreal, our Finissage party is this Tuesday (BBAM! Gallery, 3255 St Jacques), starting at 6pm, with drinks and snacks and the cool jazz of Gary Lindner on piano (there might be a possibility of my reading some of these poems live, we'll see how it all works out).

I hope you will come out and finally see the fantastic space to which we are devoting most of lives to these days.

Lots more to come :)

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