Ralph Poetry

That's What Lonely People Do

Maybe you'll see me sitting there by myself
Having a coffee and nothing else
Look through the paper for something new
That's what lonely people do

I'm in my car, I'm going nowhere fast
When you got nothing, it's supposed to last
I kept some pictures, maybe one or two
That's what lonely people do

Too many broken hearts
And lovers far apart
We count the days that are so new
That's what lonely people do

I make up how my story ends
I tell you lies and just pretend
I'm doing fine and how about you
That's what lonely people do

And as the nights just pass me by
I look out up into the sky
I make a wish for things I knew
That's what lonely people do

This was originally performed Jan 18, 1999 at Graffitti's in Toronto with the ultra suave Kevin Quain on piano. If you go to Graffitti's, Sam Grosso the owner has this performance on video that he occasionally will play on request.

© 1998, Ralph Alfonso

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