Ralph Poetry

Acid Jazz On A Rainy Day

Acid Jazz On A Rainy Day
I got a mood that won't go way
Everything in my head is cloudy and grey

I got the platters spinning
They're going round and round
Everything I do is going to be funky today
It's a high heel shoes and flares day
A funky cap and suede day
I'm going to phone some numbers in my book today

Acid jazz on a rainy day
Find some friends and hang today
A Gary Burton playing vibes kinda day
What kind of guitar did Melvin Sparks play
And what's the word - man - Bobby Byrd

We're talking loud, now it's a crowd
Spanish lace, a pretty face
A velvet tie certain style
If she smile - let's dance a while

Acid jazz on a rainy day
Funkified chase the blues away
Glad to love you cause I'm glad today

© 1998, Ralph Alfonso

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