Ralph Poetry

my life is 43 boxes
that you don't like

I guess my life can be
summed up best by the 43 boxes
at the Mini-Storage on Howe St.
locker number 17 on the fifth floor
That's where I put everything about me
that you didn't like. It all seemed
kind of odd, considering I mostly
liked everything about you, except for the fact
that you didn't like about 85% of me
My old friends would complain I wasn't
all there and they were right. One day
I looked in the mirror and I couldn't see
anything. I panicked and ran all the way up
to locker 17 and crawled inside and sat there with
all my grand old books and records and smelly
old clothes. I was hoping I could spend the night
there but they kicked me out and I sadly
came home to you
It didn't take long before you were gone, and
I was by myself in this big empty apartment
surrounded by my 43 boxes,
opening up each one and getting
re-acquainted with myself

© 1996, Ralph Alfonso

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