Ralph Poetry
Brighton Mist    
  my life is 43 boxes
that you don't like
    I Love The Taste Of English Rain
  John Coltrane. New York City  
That's What Lonely People Do    
  Sound Of The Surf (The Surfing Poem)  
    Goodbye Jack. Kerouac.
  Acid Jazz On A Rainy Day  
This is for
the Night People.
Good Night.
  Angels Stop For Flowers In Elora
(A Christmas Poem)
    Matt Cohen Not Leonard Cohen
  Billy Fury Billy Fury  
Another Valentine's
Another Book
Thrown At My Head
  i really wish i wasn't such a bum  
    Every Breath
  God Shine Your Light On My Corner Tonight  
January's A Good Time For Jazz    
  This Is Just A Little Love Song  
    Saturday's Angel
  They Say Paris Isn't Friendly  
Every Star Says Hello    
  But, That's Just My Opinion  
    This Is The Best Time Of The Year To Be In New York

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