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Lowry Olafson
Little Mysteries
River Records, 1998
Lowry Olafson: Little Mysteries

Lowry is a great folk-based singer and songwriter. And a subscriber to my zine! He came over with hundreds of photos from a photo shoot his friend had taken in Singapore. I didn't like the shots Lowry had picked and dug in until I found this shot which I thought perfectly conveyed the positiveness of the music. It's a very happy cover.

The Outer World
Dexter Entertainment Group, 1998
D-Cru: The Outer World

Currently in the Canadian Top 40. I've worked with the Dexter people from when they were Johnny Jet Records and really admire their energy and dedication to pure pop music. We captured stills from the group's video and added a fifth color, silver, under the logo. Tasty.

Various Artists
Rap P.O.W.'s
Dexter Entertainment Group, 1998
Various Artists: Rap P.O.W.'s

Compilation rap album with a great cover shot by Pamela Williams.

Max Size Approx 30 Inches
Squirtgun Label, 1994
Speedbuggy: Max Size Approx 30 Inches

Simon Hussey's indie rock champions.
Simon brought me a crumpled photo of a fish and that's the cover.

It's Fun To Pretend
Speedbuggy: It's Fun To Pretend
Front Cover

Speedbuggy: It's Fun To Pretend CD label
CD Label

Those crazy kids. Somebody's childhood scrapbook photo now on view for all to see.

The happy face is the cd label.

I Bificus
Sony Germany, 1998
Bif: I Bificus

Photo by Karen Moskowitz.

I've done all of Bif's cds and this one was definitely the coolest. Unfortunately, the inside pages of the Canadian version (on Aquarius) were tampered with by someone at Aquarius and not as interesting as the original German design. This is the one drag about giving people your files on disk.

Sony Germany, 1998
Bif: Spaceman

European single.

Bif Naked
Unused cover design
Bif Naked: Unused Cover Design

Photograph by Ralph Alfonso

This was supposed to be something for a digital art exhibit called PUSH 95. Never used. Early Bif.

This photo shoot was done in about an hour but we got some great natural shots.

Brothers Creeggan
Fat Chicken Records, 1997
Brothers Creeggan: II

Cool painting by Andy Creeggan was a huge monster.

I had to scan in pieces and patch together in Photoshop.

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