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Andy Creeggan: Andiwork III

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Oct 19, 2010

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  • Third solo album by ex-Barenaked Ladies keyboard player (left 1996)
  • All-instrumental bag of funky grooves and cocktail energy.
  • Previously unpublished cover painting by Jim Flora (legendary 50s artist for CBS & RCA record covers)
  • Guest appearance by Jim Creeggan (Barenaked Ladies, Brothers Creeggan), double bass on one track

The ex-Barenaked Ladies keyboardist returns with an all instrumental funky groove that's the perfect soundtrack for a martini party in a swanky bachelor pad.

And if that wasn't enough, the cover art is a previously unpublished painting by the legendary Jim Flora, whose cult illustrations for 50s RCA and Columbia album covers redefined the boundaries of album cover art.

The perfect cd for DJs looking for breaks and anyone needing some background grooves for a late night adventure. A new twist to lounge music.

Featuring special guest Jim Creeggan (Andy's brother & Brothers Creeggan bandmate) from Barenaked Ladies on double bass; mixed by Michael Phillip-Wojewoda (BNL, Jane Siberry) and mastered by Harris Newman (Arcade Fire, Silver Mt Zion).

Andy Creeggan talks about Andiworks III: Lately I've been hanging around with sporty people. They like to party and play their funky music loud. I think I was influenced by this. At the same time I've been checking out a lot of electro music too especially from Quebec like DJ Champion and Ariane Moffatt, Misteur Valaire and the like...AND I finally had all my instruments amassed in a space right behind my house. A friend gave me a computer I could use to record with so I sprang for an MBox and started making and recording music that I liked! This was also a good opportunity to try out all the various gizmos that I have acquired over the years. Andiwork III is the result.

I would do a day's work and test the grooves on my gal and kids...then rework and test again the next day! A local Sherbrooke DJ and frisbee colleague (Marc André Cyr) gave me some ins and outs for the style and exposed me to some wonderful music. He was my next sound board.

Recording process: screw around until something forms then work it and work it again. Let it sit, then add a section. Come back to it and ditch this and ditch that. Play it for some people on other stereos and do more changes. Eventually decide on this or that.

What Andy Creeggan has been up to musically:

  • composing a harp duet for Jennifer Swartz (Montreal Symphony Orchestra) and Lori Gemmell (Kitchener Waterloo Symphony)
  • orchestrations for Barenaked Ladies appearances with symphony orchestras (Toronto Symphony, Boston Pops)
  • Produced I'll Bring the Stereo (Mike Evin) and 4 other albums; Stéphane Morin, Isaac Neto, and Le Courage d'Aimer... a musical about the life of Quebec nun Dina Bélanger)
  • Album sessions: (playing percussion, keyboards, singing or arranging) on various albums including Barenaked Ladies (Snacktime), Mike Evin (Good Watermelon and Do You Feel the World) and Jake and the Leprechauns (A Long Dash...)
  • Composed music for Quebec Ultimate frisbee highlight DVD in 2008.
  • Planning the Brothers Creeggan 5th album and another solo one which will be a continuation of the vibe on Andiwork III.

Andy recently moved to Moncton, New Brunswick, after a few years living in Sherbrooke, Quebec, where this album was recorded.

Look for live appearances and select touring!


Andiworks III, Andy's third solo album, feels infinitely more focused-which is neither a positive or negative observation. It's here that Andy creates a cohesive collection of themed works, all constructed with such a mathematical precision that it initially sounded like a MIDI recording, but the first paragraph in the liner notes quickly eliminates that conclusion. It's not MIDI-it's just perfect recording, and another method of precision that Andy employs flawlessly. - Collin David,

"Holy Crap, this #$@! is $%?&* incredible! What a vibe, what great ideas - so soulful and quirky. Deep yet light." - Tyler Stewart, Barenaked Ladies

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