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The Damn Truth: The Damn Truth

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Oct. 16, 2012

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The Damn Truth are a Montreal rock'n'roll band and Dear in The Headlights is their debut album; a raucous clarion call of emotional individuality housed in a deluxe digipak with a bonus band poster and lyrics.

The Damn Truth are comprised of: Lee-La Baum (vocals, guitar); Tom Shemer (guitars); David Massť (bass) and David Traina (drums). They may be a new force on the Montreal scene but they've quickly and arduously accumulated the road miles of gigs and experiences, including being picked as one of Blare Magazine's 20 Must-Hear Bands At CMW ("The cover says contemporary, the potential proves they're more")

Meanwhile, over at, "Lee-la's voice is an impressive instrument that's part gritty and part pretty."

The Damn Truth are hitting the 401 upon this album's release and will be all over Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes with lots more to follow. Management and promo team are already hard at work setting out the trap lines for the rock'n'roll that is The Damn Truth.

The band, like all Montrealers, have a lot on their mind. The Damn Truth is their life and they have given this a lot of reflection. Here's what they had to say:

"When we started thinking of making a record we knew that we wanted to do something that reflects on us personally. As a gigging band, we always felt kind of different from other acts around us and we never really found ourselves in a clique.

For a while, it bothered us that we don't really fit in anywhere but it also gave us a lot of pride in the fact that our band is unique and different.

At one point, while reading an article about the best ideas of the last decade; the author mentioned that instead of coming up with brand new ideas, we've spent the last 10 years making observations and calling them ideas. We couldn't agree more.

Then one day, Tom said: hey, i've got an idea - how about exploring INDIVIDUALITY. Even though it sounds like a simple concept, it goes much deeper then that. At that point, we knew that that was the kind of record we wanted to make - to celebrate individuality and embrace being different.

Working on Dear In The Headlights was deep and, at times, very hard; dealing with countless issues of mental health and addictions. We opened the doors wide and let everything fly out. No holding back. We wanted an honest record and we had to deal with the implications of that. We wanted to take our personal experiences and reflections, turn them inside out on themselves, capturing a mood and raw emotion that would satisfy our soul. The result was very human - we all go through different moods and emotions daily at one point you feel like a totally different person then you felt just a few moments ago.

So does this record.

The mood changes almost from song to song, that's what we wanted. A body of work that reflects what it's like to be human for us. That celebrates the changes we go through and makes us all DEAR IN THE HEADLIGHTS."

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