BongoBeat Dave Rave: Rain Song

Dave Rave: Rain Song


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Nov. 27, 2009

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UPC: 7 7700 02011 2 5
Catalog number: BB 2011-2

Artist Websites:
1 Rain Song (Single Mix)
2 Strawberry Wine

The second single from the new (2010) Dave Rave album, Live With What You Know, features members of The Trews.

Dave Rave - Vocals & Guitar
John-Angus MacDonald - Vocals & Guitar
Jack Syperek - Vocals & Bass
Sean Dalton - Vocals & Drums
Sarah Syperek - Back Up Vocals
Julia MacPherson - Back Up Vocals
Jenny MacInnes - Back Up Vocals

The B-side, Strawberry Wine, was created with Dave's long-time collaborator; guitarist Mark McCarron.And yes, the cover photo was taken in Hamburg in the famous John Lennon doorway.

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