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The Diodes: Action Reaction

iTunes: May 17th, 2009
In Stores: October 2009.

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UPC: 7 7700 01977 2 5
Catalog number: BB 1977-2


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1 City Of The Dead
2 Everything I Am
3 Rocket Over And Under
4 That Was The Way it Was
5 Action Reaction
6 Cat Walker
7 Edge of Darkness
8 Polaroid
9 Ghost Story (bonus track, previously unreleased)
10 Heat or the Beat (bonus track) *
11 Strange Time
12 Play With Fire (bonus track, live at the Horseshoe) *
13 Survivors (bonus track) *

* originally on the album, Survivors

This album is currently DIGITAL ONLY on iTunes.

A physical CD release will be available in October 2009, and will feature further bonus tracks.

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