BongoBeat Kevin Kane: Timmy Loved Judas Priest

Kevin Kane: Timmy Loved Judas Priest

Canada: Mar. 8th, 2008


Available on iTunes

Artist Websites:
1 Our Lips Are Sealed (with Neko Case)
2 Borderline
3 Confidential
4 Motoraway
5 Neon Lights
6 Golden Brown
7 Ashes to Ashes (with Veda Hille)
8 Here
9 Two Sisters
10 God Only Knows

Originally released in 2001 as a limited edition (500) album inside a plain cardboard sleeve with the song titles rubber-stamped by hand and each cover also hand numbered. Timmy Loved Judas Priest is a wonderful collection of beautiful acoustic covers of some of Kevin Kane's favourite 80s songs.

The original edition has long ago sold out, but it is now available on iTunes.

Voted one of the best albums of 2001 by

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