BongoBeat Paul Hyde: No Gods Just Men

Paul Hyde: No Gods Just Men

Release Date: Dec 1, 2017

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UPC: 777777204534
Catalog number: BB 2045-3

1 Davey Boys' Song (When the Flag's Unfurled)
2 No Gods, Just Men
3 Okanagan Lake
4 Do It All Again
5 Deep Enough
6 That's How I Feel Around You
7 The Ladybirds Are Back
8 The Unreachable Shelf
9 The Slippery Slope
10 My One Good Thing

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Paul Hyde (Payola$) returns with his fourth album on Bongo Beat featuring Dani & Lizzi on background vocals plus his Payola$ partner Bob Rock mixing tracks 5 and 10. Once again, Paul's songwriting provides intimate snapshots of life's many journeys through the characters of Paul's wry pen.

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