BongoBeat Robertson: Favorite People

Robertson: Favorite People

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July 29, 2014

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UPC: 620675206486
Catalog number: BB 0648-6

Artist Websites:
1 20yrs
2 Bounce (2008)
3 Favorite People
4 Heaven
5 Beautiful
6 Always
7 Deeper Shade of Green
8 Under
9 Shine
10 Smile

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Singer/guitarist Mark Robertson is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and main instigator for Montreal's internationally acclaimed pop band - Bullfrog.

Steeped in funk, heavily rooted in old school R&B; cool and smooth jazz and soul, romantic as Samba yet subversive as Reggae; Mark Robertson has toured internationally as Bullfrog (Rope-a-Dope/WEA), with Kid Koala (Ninja Tunes), and as bassist for Money Mark/Beastie Boys and with his own solo show.

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