BongoBeat Robertson: Made Easy For Guitar
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Robertson: Made Easy For Guitar

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May 15, 2020

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UPC: 720200202126
Catalog number: BB 2021-6

Artist Websites:
1 True Colours
2 Twice In A Life
3 Winter Daughter
4 Mother
5 Closer
6 Always
7 First Light (instrumental)]=
8 Wayfarer
9 In Time
10 Deep Winter (instrumental)

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The new album by Mark Robertson is an acoustic introspective work mixed by Kid Koala and featuring Mark on vocals and guitar plus long-time collaborator Peter Santiago on bass plus also his son Oscar Robertson on bass and background vocals. The physical version is a very special 9" x 6" bookl that includes all the lyrics and guitar tabs and chords in homage to the guitar books that everyone had when starting out learning guitar. It is printed on sturdy recycled chipboard and can easily rest on a music stand to play along.

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