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The Diodes: Tired Of Waking Up Tired

The album cover from the brand new retrospective release "Tired Of Waking Up Tired," which was released in Canada on Nov. 17th, 1998.

The Diodes

This is a previously unpublished photo I took in 1978 of the original Diodes at rehearsal prior to recording their 2nd album. From left to right: John Hamilton, Paul Robinson, John Catto, Ian Mackay.

Nov 2011 News

• Diodes on tour. Action Reaction CD.

June 2010

• Original 1977 line-up on tour 2010! New Live 1978 vinyl.

July 2007 - News!

• Diodes re-union videos now on YouTube. Photos also available on Flickr.

May 2007

• The original 1977 lineup are playing 4 shows only.
Cavern Club plus NXNE 2007.

• The Diodes also have their own MySpace.

June 2006
• Official Diodes T-shirts are now available.

• The Diodes track Time Damage has been featured on author Jon Savage's England's Dreaming compilation CD!

June 2004
• The Diodes CD has been re-issued by Sony Music France as a collector's digipak.

• Read the first French review from Liability Webzine

Jan. 1999
• We have photos from the band's appearance on the Mike Bullard Show!

The Diodes

This was a punk group I was involved with back in 76-80 as manager, designer, lighting guy, roadie, publicist (you get the drift), etc. The group released two lps on Columbia/Epic in Canada plus one on Orient/RCA. They are best known for their hit "Tired Of Waking Up Tired" (currently on cd on the Rhino compilation, "Come Out And Play. American Power Pop"), and also a manic cover of "Red Rubber Ball" (yes the old Cyrkle hit co-written by Paul Simon).

Together we ran Canada's first punk club, The Crash 'n' Burn. The Diodes were also the first punk band signed to a Canadian major label. The first lp (released late 77) was a big import item in the USA and was also released in various European countries. Well, after 6 years of legal nonsense, we finally convinced Sony Canada that it would be a good idea to release a compilation cd of (almost) EVERYTHING the Diodes ever recorded for them, digitally remastered and everything (by Craig Waddell).

I oversaw this project along with the band, notably guitarist John Catto, and it was released on Nov. 17th, 1998.

The 24-track masters to the 2nd album appear to be missing and probably won't show up till long after the cd is out, of course!) so we didn't get to remix things and uncover now lost out-takes. I went through my archives of photographs and articles and things for the cd and most of the photos have never been printed before, including stuff from their first USA tour through New York, Boston, Chicago, etc, back in 1978. At their Max's Kansas City show, they were introduced on stage by the one and only Wendy O. Williams! The package is a cool 12-page booklet with lots of photos and reproductions of old posters and stuff. I know a lot of people have been waiting for this, so we tried to cram as much as we could in there. The coolest item was finding pictures of Jeremy Gluck (Barracudas singer) and Don Pyle (Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet drummer) side by side at the infamous 1978 Shock Concert show...not knowing each other...and not knowing they'd be on stage themselves one day instead of pogoing in the crowd.

We appreciate any comments once you have had a chance to go through it. I'm sure we missed something....

Just email me:
The big question I get when I run into Diodes folks is- where are the guys now?

  • Paul Robinson, singer.
    Living in London, UK. Art consultant.
  • John Catto, guitars.
    Living in London, UK. Computer consultant.
  • Ian Mackay, bass.
    Living in Toronto. Employed in the computer software industry.
  • John Hamilton, drummer.
    Living in Toronto. Designing web pages.
  • Mike Lengyell, drummer.
    Living in London, Ont. Still drumming.
Diodes lp discography:

  • 1977 - The Diodes (Columbia)
  • 1979 - The Diodes, Released (Epic)
  • 1980 - The Diodes, Action Reaction (Orient)
  • 1982 - The Diodes, Survivors (Fringe)
    [available on eBay]
All are out of print. Copies of Survivors is available on vinyl from me for $12 (half of that is the pre-paid postage). As of Jan. 2003, some copies are also available on eBay. This isn't available from the mail order section of this web site, so inquire about it directly from me as I don't have a lot of them, but it would be nice to get them out of my closet.

Survivors is a collection of out-takes and demos from 77-81 (including material NOT on the Sony CD re-issue). In Osaka, Japan, you can purchase this item at Nat's Records. This is the only record store in the world that has this album for sale. Cover photographs are by George Whiteside (an unknown cool guy back then - international fashion superstar now).

Diodes Poster

This is one of the many posters I designed and printed on my old 1950s mimeograph Gestetner printing press.

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