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NOV 27 Update: Treat Me Like Dirt

Nov. 28th, 2009

Nov 27 Update

Treat Me Like Dirt

Just a quick note that the book is at the printer and we should be getting copies the first week of December (or sooner) and will be mailing out the book/dvd pre-order packages at that time.

I will be in Toronto on Dec 12 at the Toronto Small Press Book Fair (Gladstone Hotel) with a booth and will be selling books there (NOTE: the DVD was only available with pre-order sales).

There may be another pre-Xmas event and I will keep you posted.

The official release date of Treat Me Like Dirt is as follows:
Canada: Jan 12 - it will be available on Amazon.ca, Chapters.ca, and in various indie record stores
USA: Jan 19 - it will be available on Amazon.com, various indie record stores, etc.
UK: late January - on Amazon.co.uk and other online sites in addition to indie record stores
GERMANY/EUROPE: late January and as above

We are looking at doing special appearances in the Toronto/Hamilton area during the month of January and February so please keep coming back to these sites for news.

PLEASE NOTE CAREFULLY: We are a small publisher and this is a very specialized book. We do not have the financial clout to buy our way into major bookstore chains. However, any record store or bookstore will be able to order this book for you as it will be in all the distribution databases.

Our distribution network is as follows:
Outside Music (Canada), Burnside (USA & exports), Proper (UK), New Music (Germany) and Sonic Rendezvous (Europe/Holland). Many stores purchase books and cds from a central sub-distributor (rackjobber) so the book will actually be carried by all sorts of distributors and can be ordered very easily by any retailer. If you are having difficulty getting the book - I would recommend ordering it directly from Bongo Beat.

You can see the cover art here:

Again, I thank you for your patience.
The first book is always the hardest.

Ralph Alfonso
Bongo Beat

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