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Jul. 6th, 2010

Bongo Beat records

Paul Hyde
"To The Next Bar"
from the album, Peace Sign

Peace Sign is the new album from Paul Hyde, one of Canada's great songwriters and best known internationally as lead vocalist of The Payolas and songwriting partner of producer Bob Rock (who is the guitarist in The Payolas), with many Gold and Platinum album sales in Canada and 4 Juno Awards for songwriting.
This is a collection of intense, literate, sometimes dark studies of characters on the edge; fighting out of the corners that desperation has forced them into. It is also home to deep affirmations of love. For longtime fans of Paul's writing, these are themes he explores with a fresh eye on each new project and natural extensions of classics like "Hammer on a Drum" and "Where Is This Love".
The actor Russell Crowe covered Paul's "I Miss My Mind The Most" (from Paul's Bongo Beat debut) for his own solo album.
Since his last album, The Big Book Of Sad Songs, Paul has toured with Bob Rock as The Payolas, ventured out on various solo tours and has seen many of his songs picked up for TV syncs.

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