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Treat Me Like Dirt - Where to buy in Canada

Jul. 8th, 2010

Hi Folks

Here is a list of stores in Canada where Treat Me Like Dirt (An Oral History of Punk in Toronto and Beyond 1977-1981) can be purchased:

Sunrise Records (in their system, can be ordered from any store)
HMV (in their system, can be ordered from any store)

Downtown Disc (Burnaby, BC)
Red Cat (Vancouver)

Sloth (Calgary)

Vinyl Diner (Saskatoon)

Into The Music (Winnipeg)
Folk Fest Store (Winnipeg)

Dr Disc (Hamilton)
Cheapies (Hamilton)

Encore (Kitchener)
Library Bound (Waterloo)

Soundscapes (TO)
Hits & Misses (TO)
Sonic Boom (Toronto)
Frantic City (TO)
Rotate This (TO)
Pandemonium (Toronto)

Star Recs (Oshawa)

Bluestreak (Peterborough)

Erewhon Trading/The Jungle (Kingston)

Compact Music (Ottawa)

The Book Keeper (Sarnia)

Cheap Thrills (MTL)
Sonik (Mtl)

Info about the book here:

Chapters mail order link:

UK & Europe mail order:

Librairies and similar institutions can order the book from Coutts Information Services

or also Whitehots

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