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Jul. 25th, 2010

Bongo Beat records

Dave Rave
from the album, Live With What You Know

A pure power pop track from Dave Rave's debut rock album on the Bongo Beat label, LIVE WITH WHAT YOU KNOW.

Before it was officially released anywhere it had already debuted at #1 on WSCA Radio, Portsmouth, NH. Terry Blake, WSCA Music co-ordinator describes it as music "that makes you want to stand, sing and dance the night away!"

LIVE WITH WHAT YOU KNOW features an all-star cast of international musicians with members of The Trews, Plastic Heroes, Rick Andrew (The Shakers), Sonic Blue Sound Review, Mark McCarron, The Maddhatters, Gary Pig Gold and the debut of vocalist Kate MacDonald on "Silver Lines" and other artists. A complete list of credits is here:



Dave Rave
Live With What You Know 
By Jason Schneider

It's tough to be a cult hero, but it's downright awful being a Canadian cult hero. Dave Rave falls into that category simply because throughout his 30-year career, the Hamilton, ON native never toed the Can-Rock party line, choosing instead to stay true to his British Invasion soul. It's remarkable to think of how much Canadian music made during that period is now clogging landfill sites, while Rave's catalogue remains, although criminally unheard, consistently enjoyable. Live With What You Know is no exception, a collection of power pop gems by a true master of the form. Like his closest contemporary, the late Alex Chilton, Rave has had a tendency to be too spontaneous over the years, but on Live With What You Know, his focus is as sharp as it's ever been. Even at 16 tracks, the album never lags; for every jangly rocker like "Anne-Marie" and "Rain Song" there's a soaring, McCartney-esque ballad like "Siren Song #2" and "Station Road." This is easily the best work from a true unheralded Canadian legend. (Bongo Beat)


Dave Rave approached this new album as a journey. Dave's original journey began at Grant Avenue studio where he began his career with Daniel Lanois at the helm. The beginning of this journey brought Dave back to Grant Avenue to work with one of its brightest lights, Amy King. The journey continued on to New Jersey where he got reacquainted with Gary Pig Gold and John Huelbig (Paul Simon). It was then on to England and the new groove of the Plastic Heroes followed by a trip to Paris to capture the wild drums of Christophe DesChamps (Celine Dion, Vince Taylor). The journey then winded its way back to Niagara Falls to producer Paul Gigliotti (Wave) and the Maddhatters, who recently played with Bruce Springsteen. 

Then it was off to the country where Dave was able to conduct musical experiments with The Trews, Mark Foley and producer Dave King at his studio, The Barn. Returning to New York, Dave Rave continued the journey with producer/songwriter Michael Mazzarella and the group Sonic Blue Sound Review, a group of New York pop allstars, and then headed over to Long Island to work with long time collaborator Mark McCarron. To complete the circle Dave reunited with fellow Shaker, Rick Andrew at his son, Jamie Andrew's,

The production of LIVE WITH WHAT YOU KNOW was directed by Lisa Millar, mastered by Paul Intson with Photography and Design by Ralph Alfonso.

Dave Rave debuted his new album with an all-star showcase at SXSW Austin, Texas, and continues to tour through the US, UK, Italy, France, Germany and Canada.

His current tour dates and other info can be found at:
Who is Dave Rave?
Dave Rave is one of the iconic pioneers of the 1977 punk explosion still active and creating as a band leader, producer, and songwriter. In the last 2 years alone he was featured on a live radio broadcast on BBC Liverpool, headlined the legendary Cavern Club, toured through France, Italy, and Germany and all in addition to a gigging schedule in the US and Canada that sees him on the road almost every day of the year. He is called the Nick Lowe of Canada and his knack for a pop hook has made him an in-demand songwriting partner for the likes of platinum selling The Trews, Jack Douglas (John Lennon, etc), John Wesley Harding, Jon Tiven, Alex Chilton, Lauren Agnelli (Washington Squares), Billy Ficca (Television) and other artists spanning all musical genres.

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See Dave Rave play "Anne-Marie" during his recent European Tour:

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