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Ralph Makes Top 50 Indie List

Mar. 4th, 2011

Hi folks

Just a quick note that the latest issue of Broken Pencil magazine (#50), Canada's magazine of the independent arts, has named me one of their "50 People We Love". I am listed #4 on the list.

Broken Pencil is available in the USA/Canada and also internationally at selected outlets.

I have attached a scan of the write-up.

The write up is a very brief (and selective) overview of my almost 40 years in the independent community and I am very proud to read that I am "setting new standards for an art form that's threatening to disappear as music increasingly goes all-digital."

I have been publishing since 1969 and running Bongo Beat Records since 1995.

This is a great honour and congratulations to everyone on the list, including many colleagues and artistic collaborators; most notably Ian Ferrier who has released a solo cd on Bongo Beat and also the group project, Pharmakon MTL, which came out last month.


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