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Bongo Beat & Film Pop Present two films at Pop Montreal

Aug. 15th, 2011

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Bongo Beat Records in association with Film Pop is proud to present two important film documentaries as part of the Pop Montreal festival  for 2011. First is the Montreal premiere of Bloodied But Unbowed, The Birth of Vancouver Punk Rock 1977-82
Ralph Alfonso designed all the Zulu Records punk re-issues when he was part of the Vancouver music scene in the 90s and is one of the few original 1977 pioneers who has contributed both to the 77 Toronto scene (as  manager of The Diodes, The Crash'n'Burn Club and journalist for Bomp, Cheap Thrills, and New York Rocker) and the 77 Vancouver scene through associations with Zulu Records, Sudden Death/Joe Keithley and the individual band members.

This film means a lot to us and we are very proud to be involved with Pop Montreal and Blue Sunshine in presenting it.
BLOODIED BUT UNBOWED Susanne Tabata | Canada 2011 | 74min. | Quebec Premiere http://www.blue-sunshine.com/music-scene-reader/events/filmpop-bloodied-but-unbowed.html
Thursday, September 22, 2011 - 19:30 - 21:00
 additional matinee screening Sunday Sept. 25 at 1:30pm!
Bloodied But Unbowed is the first in-depth chronicle of Vancouver's original punk scene. Distinct from London, New York and L.A., Vancouver punk was eclectic, raw, politically charged, relentless and at times comedic. Bands like DOA, Subhumans, Young Canadians, Pointed Sticks, Modernettes, UJ3RK5 and the Dishrags, helped forge the city's reputation as an alternative mecca, attracting and influencing the likes of Kurt Cobain, former Guns N' Roses' bassist Duff McKagan and Henry Rollins.
Leather, spit, beer, drugs, sex and a righteously enraged music terrified the mainstream in Vancouver in the 70s and Bloodied But Unbowed captures the raw essence of the kids who barely lived through it, as well as those who did not. Drugs wreaked havoc in the punk scene, snuffing short the lives of some of the scene's luminaries. But despite the harsh toll, many of Vancouver's most infamous sons (to wit: Joe Shithead and eternal bad boy Randy Rampage) are still on the road, playing gigs, pissing on squares and generally causing an uproar. Narrated by Billy Hopeless and packed with stories of love and loss, rebellion and regret, Bloodied But Unbowed captures the rise and fall of an epic era.
The next film is a long overdue look at the life of Phil Ochs, one of the great heroes of the 60s musical revolution and an inspiration for many (including myself). Again, this is the Montreal premiere.
PHIL OCHS: THERE BUT FOR FORTUNE Kenneth Bowser | USA 2010 | 96min. | Quebec Premiere
Friday, September 23, 2011 - 19:00 - 20:50
With brother/legendary rock archivist Michael Ochs in person for Q+A!
From civil rights to the anti-war movement to the struggles of workers, folksinger Phil Ochs wrote topical songs that engaged his audiences in the issues of the 1960s and 70s. In this biographical documentary, veteran director Kenneth Bowser shows how Phil's music and his fascinating life story and eventual decline into depression and suicide were intertwined with the history-making events that defined a generation. Even as his contemporaries moved into folk-rock and pop music, Phil followed his own vision, challenging himself and his listeners. Not one to pull punches, Ochs never achieved the commercial success he desperately desired. But his music remains relevant, reaching new audiences in a generation that finds his themes all too familiar.
Guest Bio: Michael Ochs Michael Ochs is an American photographic archivist best known for his extensive collection of pictures related to rock music dating back to the 1950s and 1960s. The Michael Ochs Archive contains 3 million vintage prints, proof sheets and negatives which are licensed daily for use in CD reissues, books, films and documentaries. The Los Angeles Times called Ochs "America's preeminent rock 'n' roll photo archivist" and The New York Times called his archive "the premier source of musician photography in the world".
As a special treat, we are happy to offer a free download of a tribute song that I wrote for Phil Ochs a few years ago and by the powers of kismet, manages to tie in both Phil Ochs and the Vancouver punk scene as it features myself on vocals with Gord Nicholl (Pointed Sticks) on keyboards who also recorded and mixed it with Buck Cherry (Modernettes) at their Vancouver studios, Paramount Recorders. On electric guitar is Michael Rummen (Four Horsemen, Bruno Gerussi's Medallion, Ralph) and on acoustic guitar is Dave Rave (Teenage Head). They are all featured on the "electric" version. There is also an acoustic version which is just Dave and myself. I have only ever performed this song once or twice live and it always garners an appreciative response. Phil Ochs and his music touched a lot of people.

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