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Jan. 4th, 2001

If you can't find Ralph's book & three cds in Vancouver area stores, you can call Nettwerk Mail Order, 604-654-2929 and buy them here (or use the mail order section of this web site which is linked to Nettwerk Mail Order).

This is possible because this is where Ralph works. He will personally sign any purchase if you request it.

The Ralph book is normally available at Black Sheep Books on 4th Ave or Sophia Books on Hastings, Virgin Records (in the "beat" books section or upstairs next to the Pope in the spoken word section - next to the Comedy Section), Sam's Seymour (2nd floor "Exotica" section!), HMV (jazz section-Robson only), Zulu (local indie section).

Sometimes Ralph cds are on sale at "used" cd stores because local music critics or media types who got free copies didn't like them and sold them.

Many folks have bought used Ralph cds and have made contact, so it's all cool!

The new RALPH book is also available at Coles in the Oakridge Centre!!! Wow! In Tofino, get the books at Wildside Books.

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