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BBAM! - Rock'n'Roll Art Gallery in Montreal

Feb. 6th, 2012

. . . . You know, life is a funny thing. Every few years I seem to come to a fork in life's highway. Left or right?  Rock writer/photographer. Punk manager. Record label guy. Hair metal manager. Record label top of my game guy. Quit everything/move to Vancouver/start back at the bottom guy. Graphic designer guy. Zine guy. Beatnik guy/band with national TV/Radio exposure. Record label owner guy. Book publisher. Move back to Montreal start all over. 

And now, over the next month, my wife and I are opening a rock'n'roll art gallery/cafe/performance space/retail store called: BBAM! Gallery/Galerie BBAM! Official big to-do probably in March but until then we're in there every day and open to the public while we get it together.

 I invite my Montreal friends to come visit the space (3255 St Jacques across from Lionel Groulx metro - white building says Cafe Armatta for now, old Pages bookstore) and maybe help us hang cool posters and stuff and watch the beginnings of a very unique contribution to this city's pop culture landscape. 

We need your help and patronage and I'll be there every day Mon to Sunday to talk to you in Francais, Anglais et Italienne (chacun egalment mauvais). All my loves in one space: art/photography/comics/jazz/
rocknroll and coffee (yes we can have booze during special events, don't worry & yes, you can rent the space for groovy events).


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