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Merry Christmas From Ralph And Alison (And Friends)...

Dec. 12th, 2001
Vancouver, BC

Happy Holidays... From some very cool cats During this holiday time, Ralph & Alison would like to wish you a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! Our friends Iver Coniver (left) and Jack Kerouacat (right) also wish you great snacks and cuddling during the winter hours. A lot has happened this year but we also have so much to be thankful for even if we like to think otherwise.

Hot chocolate. Cookies. Warm cider. Fresh fallen snow.

Merry Christmas. Buone Natale. Joyeux Noel
and... ring a ding ding!

Angels Stop For Flowers In Elora
(A Christmas Poem)

This is the world's most
perfect little country town,
sitting down with your family
we're all gathered round
the big oak table at the
back of your mother's antiques store,
rosy-cheeked from the
snapping flames and here
is Christmas dinner with all
the trimmings and a big
old tree from down the road
wrapped up in spangles and
lights and wooden soldiers
hanging on guard and
all the duck decoys, old
wagon wheels, every kind of
dried flower,
every Norman Rockwell accessory
casting shadows, and
sleepy carols whispered from
a radio made before I was
born, and that's old, baby
and you can hear that
winter wind howling up
from Elora Gorge, having
fun and kicking up the
snow so we can't leave,
and who would want to, anyway,
and when we've all gone to
bed and I'm looking up at
the stars through the attic
window, huddled up in this
sleeping bag, with you asleep by
my side, I figure if there ever
was a time to be in love,
it was now

© 1998, Ralph Alfonso

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