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RALPH Participates In Rock 'N Read

May. 17th, 2002
Vancouver, BC

Beach Holme Publishing presents the first annual Rock N' Read for BC Literacy on Tuesday, May 28 at 8pm at the Brickyard (315 Carroll St., Vancouver). Come celebrate West Coast writing and music beyond the boundaries. Join us for a night of cheap beer, music and readings by the following authors:

John Armstrong (aka Buck Cherry)
Guilty of Everything (New Star)
Re-visit Vancouver's punk scene in the 1980's, featuring old friends I Braineater, Joey Shithead, Dimwit, Wimpy, Chuck Biscuits, Mary Jo Kopechne, Art Bergmann, DOA, Active Dog, the Pointed Sticks, and the Young Canadians. Nominated for a BC Book Prize.

"...Call it punk, call it rock — call your friends and tell them to read this %$#@! book." — Michael Turner (Hard Core Logo)

Wayde Compton
49th Parallel Psalm & Bluesprint (both from Arsenal Pulp)
As a child, Wayde Compton's father would take him to swap meets and garage sales and whenever he saw a black face on a record sleeve, he'd buy the album. Once, Wayde's father picked up a Jimi Hendrix album. He didn't like it but Wayde did...

"....a history lesson unlike any other. A story not so much told as conjured by a verbal magician with a deep appreciation for the slippery magnificence of words." — January Magazine

Ralph Alfonso
Ralph: This is for the Night People (Raincoast)
Ralph Alfonso continues his quest for world domination with this new collection of poetry, travel diaries, and general observations on life in North America for people living on the fringes.

"Ralph... takes his inspiration from 50s jazz and beat poetry, 60's garage bands, 70's punk energy and do-it-yourself ethos, 80's dysfunctional relationships and 90's stand-up comedy." — Stu Cousins, Soundscape

Clint Hutzulak
The Beautiful Dead End (Anvil Press)
An offbeat, existential crime thriller (with a soundtrack!) that takes the reader on a visceral journey to the "other side" and almost back again. In a shadowy interzone populated by disturbing characters, our antihero confronts the secrets of his past, and comes face to face with the consequences of having lived an unexamined life.

"So startlingly fresh it is hard to believe it is a first novel. . . . It is a brilliant debut." — Vancouver Sun

For more information, or to schedule interviews with any of the featured authors, please call Trisha at Beach Holme (604)733.4868.

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