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Ralph Poetry Makes It Into Hi-Brow Italian Anthology!

Jun. 7th, 2002
Vancouver, BC

The Association of Italian Canadian Writers and Cusmano Communications are proud to present The Dynamics of Cultural Exchange: Creative and Critical Works

This new anthology features several of Ralph's poems as performed at the 8th Biennial Conference, Montreal, Nov 2-5, 2000. Ralph Alfonso is a member of the Association of Italian Canadian Writers http://www.aicw.ca and recommends membership for fellow writers/poets of Italian heritage.

"The Dynamics of Cultural Exchange" is a remarkable collection of creative and critical works in English, French and Italian, and an important contribution to Canadian multiethnic studies. A bridging of the arts and cultures, this volume features contributors from Canada, France and Italy, and includes works by Ralph Alfonso, Lara Balboni, Elettra Bedon, Fulvio Caccia, Frank Canino, Licia Canton, Anna Carlevaris, Francis Catalano, Giovanni Costa, Domenic Cusmano, Saro D'Agostino, Marisa De Franceschi, Delia De Santis, Mary di Michele, Venera Fazio, CĂ©lyne Fortin, Anna Foschi Ciampolini, Giuliana Gardellini, Sergio Gilardino, Gabriella Jacobucci, Francesca L'Orfano, Antonino Mazza, Carmelo Militano, Gianna Patriarca, Joseph Pivato, Juliana Pivato, Joseph Ranallo, Filippo Salvatore, Francesca Schembri, Caterina Bueti Sotiriadis, Luigi Spadari, Verena Stefan, Bruno Villata, Carmen Laurenza Ziolkowski and Jim Zucchero.

To view the cover and a full description of the text, please visit the Association of Italian Canadian Writers Website

To order, please send your request to:

Cusmano Communications Inc.
6275 Jarry St. East
Montreal, Quebec

Tel.: (514) 329-3254
Toll Free: (877) 329-3254
Fax: (514) 329-4085

Email: info@cusmano.com

Canada: $18.00
All other countries: US $15.00

ISBN 0-9730581-0-2

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