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Jan. 31st, 2007
Vancouver, BC

PLEASE NOTE. We are no longer distributing Dock/Borderdreams and have put this whole distribution thing on hiatus for now. It was a great concept but the reality of the current music iindustry proved otherwise. This news item is being left here for information purposes only.
Ralph Alfonso, Jan 15, 2008.


Bongo Beat Distribution is a new service we offer our international partners, by releasing international artists and unique cds through our distribution network. It is a cost-effective method to introduce this music to a new audience. These CDs are imported from Europe and elsewhere and cost a little more due to shipping and such.

All CDs carried by Bongo Beat Distribution are available for sale to the public through mail order. We prefer PAYPAL or International Money Order. Personal cheques from USA/Canada are also acceptable.

All prices include postage. All prices are in US dollars.

UNLESS NOTED OTHERWISE (Box Sets, for example), prices are as follows:

Canada/USA: $15 US

Everywhere else: $20 US

PAYPAL: Ralph@bongobeat.com

Money Orders/Cheques are payable to:
v Bongo Beat Records
Box 93627
Vancouver, BC
Canada, V6E 4L7

If you are a retail store, please contact us for trade pricing and further information.


Elkano Browning Cream
UPC: 360152162354
Distribution: Canada (Outside Music), USA (Burnside)

European chilled groove funk with an African vibe, driven by the polyrhythms of Frank Mantegari, Paris-based drummer for Alpha Blondy (8 years) in addition to work with Saint Germain and Massive Attack; US singer/guitarist Matt Harding and his high school friend and group leader Mikel Azpiroz (currently based in Spain) on Rhodes organ and keyboards. In the tradition of Jimmy Smith and Richard “Groove” Holmes, this is an instrumental jam workout that keeps it percolating with tasty soloing and straight ahead grooves perfect for a boogaloo fix.
Mostly instrumental (only 2 vocals), this is an infectious blast of old school soul sauce. The group has played US dates and will be touring in 2007. Part of the new retro-lounge underground scene. This is a Bongo Beat Import.


Ainara LeGardon, In The Mirror
UPC: 843601521587
Distribution: Canada (mail order), USA (Burnside)

Ainara Le Gardon is based in Madrid, Spain, sings in English, and creates moody lo-fi rainy day Mazzy Star soundscapes that are gaining her international attention. Produced by Chris Eckman (Walkabouts), this is her debut abum, and features Joe Skyward (Posies, Sunny Day Real Estate, Walkabouts), and Carlos Torero (Radio Futura). European media is comparing her to Kristin Hersh. This import CD is distributed in North America by Bongo Beat.


Ainara LeGardon, Each Day A Lie
UPC: 843601521617
Distribution: Canada (mail order), USA (Burnside)

“Ainara Le Gardon brings us an autumn rain of beautiful songs; subtle, poetic, in love, bare, romantic, raw, honest.” This is what the European press is saying about Ainara Le Gardon; based in Madrid, Spain, and singing in English. Her new CD is produced by Chris Eckman (Walkabouts) who also plays piano and organ. In addition to key players from Spain’s indie scene, Al DeLoner from Norway’s Midnight Choir adds harmonica, piano, and guitar. This import CD is distributed in North America by Bongo Beat.


Various Artists, If I Could Only Fly; A Blaze Foley Tribute
3CD+DVD (4 Discs)
UPC: 436015216004
Distribution: Canada (mail order), USA (Burnside)
PRICE: USA/Canada: $35 US
International: $45 US

A beautiful 3CD + DVD box set with 56 page booklet; attempts to capture the essence of the late legend by paying homage to Blaze Foley through his compositions, recorded by Blaze himself and many of his friends, including Townes Van Zandt, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Gurf Morlix, Texana Dames, Jubal Clark, Cody Hubach, Timbuk 3, Pat Mears, Calvin Russell, and many more. This box set is from the Borderdreams/Dock label in Spain and distributed exclusively in North America by Bongo Beat.

“Blaze Foley was a genius and a beautiful loser” - Lucinda Williams


Seine, The Voice Of The Youth
UPC: 503319735248
Distribution: Canada (mail order), USA (Burnside)

Spain has long been a hotbed of power pop activity; as a haven for visiting foreign acts and for developing a vibrant anglo-centric local scene. Madrid-based Seine are riding a wave of hit singles, rave press write-ups, and a rabid fan following that’s spilled onto the internet (US fans on their huge MySpace list will be made aware of this domestic release). Franz Ferdinand guitars are grafted onto Blur/Kinks inflections while Beatles, Clash and Jam influences simmer in the mix; underlying the band’s firm grasp on the urgency and energy of the current New Wave of New Wave. More than a debut album, this has already become a greatest hits CD. All lyrics, vocals, liner notes are in English. All songs show chord info so you can rock along.

“They write anthems for the NME generation” - Ruta 66 Magazine (Spain’s bible of power pop)


Kent Steedman & The Tubular Greens, Live at Gruta 77
CD/DVD (2 Disc Set)
UPC: 843601521624
Distribution: Canada (Outside Music), USA (Burnside), Australia (Reverberation)

Kent Steedman is best known as vocalist/guitarist with The Celibate Rifles. As an Australian rock hero, he is also associated with Deniz Tek (Radio Birdman), Ed Kuepper (The Saints), Rob Younger (New Christs), and Yage. As a producer, he’s worked with Mudhoney, Asteroid B612, Mr. T Experience, La Secta, etc. In 2005, Kent toured Spain with a supergroup of Spanish players rocking out a set list of originals and Aussie rock classics (Radio Birdman, Saints, Rose Tattoo, AC/DC, etc). The result is a live 16 track cd plus a DVD live concert, all recorded at Madrid’s Gruta 77 club. Recorded loud and clear and so hot, you’ll need a towel to wipe off the sweat splashing from the CD. This import CD is a deluxe digipak and distributed in North America and Australia by Bongo Beat Records.


Various Artists, The Kids Are All Wild, Vol 2
UPC: 503319736597
Distribution: Canada (Outside Music), USA (Burnside)

The coolest rock bar in Madrid is The Wild Thing Bar. This compilation celebrates their 14th anniversary with tracks by bands who have either played/partied or DJ’d there. 16 original tracks by: Bloc Party (“Banquet”), Stay, Fortune Tellers, Paul Weller (“From the Floorboards Up”), Seine, American Suitcase, Sunday Drivers, Stereophonics (“Dakota”), Bombones, Farrah, Paul Collins (ex-Nerves, Paul Collins Beat), Champagne, Matthew Sweet (“Push The Feelings”), The Pauls, Sidonie, and Jet Lag. Digipak includes info as to what albums the tracks are originally from. Import CD distributed by Bongo Beat Records.



The Ocean Music catalogue (France)

Terry Lee Hale

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