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Bongo Beat at SXSW!

Mar. 15th, 2009

Bongo Beat at SXSW

Once again, Bongo Beat Records will be at SXSW, Austin, Mar 17-23.

Label head Ralph Alfonso and Dave Rave (who doubles as both a label artist and A&R) are the dynamic duo again. We will be meeting our European and US partners in addition to creating new alliances and scouting out new opportunities for the label... and eating lots of BBQ!

Ralph and Dave will pick up messages at the Canada Stand inside the trade fair area at SXSW.
Bongo Beat is part of the 2009 Canada Blast at SXSW.

Make sure you drop by the Burnside BBQ on Friday, Mar 20 to see Linda McLean live at 12:30pm on the Folk Alliance stage. Linda will be performing tunes from her Bongo Beat CD, "No Language" and maybe debuting a new tune or two.

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