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This area contains samples of my freelance CD/CASSETTE design work over the years. I've included any interesting anecdotes wherever possible

I have worked on hundreds of albums over the last 30+ years. A pretty good (but not complete) discography of my credits is available on AllMusic.com.

A more current portfolio is on Facebook.

Simply Majestic Featuring B Kool
Dance To The Music, 1990
EMI Canada
Cassette Single

Simply Majestic Featuring B Kool: Dance To The Music
The interesting thing here is that photographer Denise Grant had mostly only shot country singers prior to me bringing down a whole posse of rappers and b-boys. I knew she could deliver the crisp and clear old school style.

Both country and rap artists expect a certain degree of traditional clean and classy approach to their images.

The Barracudas
The Complete EMI Recordings
EMI Canada, 1991

The Barracudas: The Complete EMI Recordings

This CD contains everything The Barracudas ever recorded for EMI. I designed as well as compiled and sequenced it.

Singer Jeremy Gluck is an old friend as I met the band in 1979 prior to their ever having a deal. I did a photo session with the band that never saw print until this CD. All the photos were mine plus an old article I wrote in 1979, coupled with exclusive liner notes from Jeremy himself. I was very proud to have put this together.

The CD is deleted in Canada but available on DOJO Records in other parts of the world.

Brighton Rock
Love Machine
Warner Canada, 1991

Brighton Rock: Love Machine

I designed this for Warner while I was still working at EMI Canada. I used to work with the band's management, so it was a real treat to finally design something that I thought finally captured what the band was about.

Produced by Toby Wright prior to his Alice In Chains work, this is a pretty sonically cool CD.

Tom Cochrane
Bird On A Wire
EMI Canada, 1990
Cassette Single

Tom Cochrane: Bird On A Wire

This was part of a series of singles from his Symphony Sessions cd. I really tried to experiment with the cassette single format with a more simple approach.

Tom Cochrane
Mad Mad World
EMI Canada, 1991

Tom Cochrane: Mad Mad World

We were under incredible deadline with no time for a proper photo shoot so we had to use a slide from an older German session. For such a straightforward approach, I literally went through hundreds of mock-ups with this shot and also some of the interior photos. The USA version utilized a blurry full body shot from the "Life Is A Highway" video, which I don't think really defined who Tom is.

Tom Cochrane
The Symphony Sessions
EMI Canada, 1990

Tom Cochrane: The Symphony Sessions

Everything on the front cover was actually made up of small painted sculptures created with a material called Fimo. Everyone thinks it's some kind kind of Photoshop assembly, but the whole thing was actually all hand sculpted, even the little music sheets, by Bryan Stewart. For the longest time, the sculpture was in my office at EMI Canada. I don't know whatever happened to it. The cover won a Merit Award in New York from a 3D Design show there. I was not allowed to list myself as the art director by Tom's manager at the time, which is kind of a drag.

We wanted to sort of pay homage to all those cool old Phillips classical lps from the 70s that had wild sculptures and things going on.

Leslie Spit Treeo
Don't Cry Too Hard
EMI Canada, 1990

Leslie Spit Treeo

Everything is hand-drawn in terms of the text, including all the Capitol-EMI logos (the legal dept was freakin out). On the casette version, we had all sorts of crazy colors on the cassette shells (whatever was left over and sitting in the tape plant..the plant guys loved me on this one!). The band won a Juno Award for Best New Group.

Glass Tiger
Simple Mission
EMI Canada, 1990

Glass Tiger: Simple Mission

The singer (far right) wore baggy jeans at the photo shoot and we had to use the Scitex workstation (this was pre-Photoshop) at $300 an hour to trim the jeans and colorize them black so he could fit in with the rest of the band. The cover shot is spliced together from 4 individual photographs. By far the band's best lp in terms of musical muscle, it came too late to revive their popularity.

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