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The Young Canadians
No Escape
Zulu Records, 1995
The Young Canadians: No Escape

Featuring Art Bergman. Compilation of all their recordings. I had to restore and colorize vintage material. Cover features a custom font I created.

Spastic Plastic/IMD, 1996
2 Preciious

This is Lee Aaron with Sons Of Freedom. She was trying to get away from her "Metal Queen" image and using her real name (Karen Greening). The record didn't happen and Lee Aaron has reverted back to her stage name and is currently living in Vancouver performing jazz/blues in a duo setting with her pianist. It makes total sense as she's a great singer.

Zulu Records, 1996
Daytona: Sustain

This was a pretty cool fold-out. Trying to combine mod and old Blue Note elements.

Andy Creeggan
Andy Creeggan: Andiwork

Solo CD by ex-Barenaked Ladies pianist. The cover is a pastel drawing by Andy.

Barenaked Ladies
Ladies Room CD
Vol. 1
Nettwerk, 1997
Barenaked Ladies: Ladies Room CD Vol. 1

This is the first CD from their fan club. Altho it has an XMAS track, the band didn't want an overtly Christmasy design, so I opted for a kind of New Year's thing.

Barenaked Ladies
New Year's Eve, Detroit
T-Shirt, 1997
Barenaked Ladies: New Year's Eve T-Shirt Front

Barenaked Ladies: New Year's Eve T-Shirt Back

This is the front and back of a shirt designed specifically for their New Year's Eve Concert in Detroit, 1997.

Everything was drawn in Quark using the polygon tool. One of the hardest things about designing stuff is trying to get samples back. I don't have one of these shirts myself, so if you've got one, give me a call.

Lauren Agnelli & Dave Rave
Confetti (The Story So Far)
Mystery Tone Records, 1997
Lauren Agnelli &Amp; Dave Rave: Confetti

Believe it or not, this shot was taken in a photo booth and I had to figure out a way to make it interesting. Some happy experiments in Photoshop gave me a kind of distressed sepia look.

Blue Rodeo
1997 Tour Ad / Poster / T-Shirt
Blue Rodeo: 1997 Tour Ad

I was commissioned by Universal Concerts to design a tour ad mat, which then became a tour poster.

The band liked the vibe so much, it became a t-shirt and I think they used the idea on a Promo Cd which I've never seen. Getting paid for this was a nightmare. I was on tour and had to drive from Ottawa to Montreal on a Monday to pick up a cheque sent by Fedex that should have been a Saturday delivery (when I was still in Montreal), and then turn around to Kingston where I had a gig that night. Despite all that, it was a pretty effective graphic.

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